COVID 19  Safety Plan 

Polices & Procedures as recommended by WorkSafe BC, BC CDC, and Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC - In effect as of May 19, 2020

Prior to an appointment a client/visitor must:

-  Fully disclose any cold, flu, COVID-19 symptoms such as: coughs, sore throat, sneezing/runny nose, fever, chills, loss of sense of smell

- Fully disclose any exposure to a COVID-19 carrier or have travelled outside of BC within the last 14 days and/or attendance of mass gatherings of 50 individuals or more where physical distancing has not been possible

-  Self-assess the day of scheduled appointment using the BCCDC tool (or similar checklist) found HERE

- For new clients, or to update paperwork, pertinent forms will be emailed to individuals to bring with them to their appointment.  When this is not possible, physical distancing will be employed at the Studio office while paperwork is filled out; Pens will be sanitized between use (or clients may wish to bring their own)

- A new special consent form must be signed either prior to the appointment and brought to the office, or signed at the time of arrival before services are performed

-  There is NO cancellation penalty for cancelled appointments, even last minute cancellations.  If a client is experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness, has been exposed to a carrier of COVID-19 or has travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days, they MUST cancel their appointment and reschedule (if desired). Clients arriving at the office with any signs or symptoms of illness will be cancelled - no exception.

At the Studio office:

With the exception of accompanying a minor or an individual requiring assistance (please notify the office in advance), clients/visitors must arrive to the Studio office alone - individuals will not be permitted to wait in the office while a client is in session

-  Clients/visitors will leave all non-essential items at home or in their vehicles

- Clients/visitors will use hand sanitizer upon arrival or wash their hands in the client washroom observing proper hand washing techniques (posters will be visible); hand washing/sanitizing is repeated before departing

- When at all possible, please respect 2m of distancing in the reception area and treatment room

- Time in the reception area will be limited to minimize risk of droplet transmission, if clients feel it is necessary for extra time before a session to go over history or conditions, they are encouraged to consider contacting the office to arrange a phone call or video call prior to appointments

- Appointments will be booked with extra time between arrivals to avoid cross over time with clients arriving/departing and to allow time for enhanced cleaning protocols. Clients/visitors will be asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their appointment. Individuals must wait in their vehicle until it is their time to come in if arriving earlier than 15 minutes for their appointment. 

During scheduled sessions:

Services will not be performed for individuals that are ill or symptomatic

-  PPE will be utilized when appropriate; the Practitioner will be wearing a surgical mask during the session regardless of the service being rendered; masks are mandatory while in the Studio as per November 19th provincial health order

-  Clients are encouraged to bring their own water/refreshment; reusable Studio glasses will not be utilized; disposable cups will be available upon request and disposed of by the client when no longer needed

-  Hand sanitizer will be available in the main reception office, the client washroom and in the treatment room and should be utilized as needed; the practitioner and client will both be expected to respect good hand hygiene and proper cough/sneeze etiquette at all times; posters will be visibly displayed in the office and treatment room


-  The Studio will be cleaned in accordance with protocols for between clients, end of day, and end of week; specific steps will be available for reference at the Studio but includes wiping all high touch surfaces with Lysol wipes or germicidal cleaner between clients, disinfection of massage face rest and table, airing out of the treatment room, and disinfection of any tools/equipment used; daily & weekly deep clean will include all of the above plus vacuuming/mopping floors, disinfections of all surfaces including the bathroom; all linens are changed between clients and laundered in hot water and dried with heat